I bought a nice new ASUS motherboard and a couple of new 500 gig hard drives. Using Microsoft's sysprep and Acronis True Image everything upgraded perfectly. I continued to use my existing add on RAID card that utilizes the Silicon Image chipset just to reduce the possibility of problems.

My new ASUS motherboard (running XP) has onboard nVidia RAID which is 3 gigs/sec vs. my add on RAID card 1.5 gigs/sec.

Has anyone got any good ideas as to how I can switch RAID controllers. I have a catch 22 situation where nVidia RAID drivers will not load unless you have RAID enabled in the BIOS. The RAID BIOS setup tells me that all hard drive data will be lost if I set up a RAID 1 pair. I really don't have the time to rebuild my system from scratch but I would like to take advantage of the faster nVidia RAID on the motherboard.
Any ideas would be appreciated.