I have been asked by family several times to help them rid their computer of a virus or trojan or something which has taken over their computer. Now I'm not an expert but sometimes the family expert (who is a professional and has a job) is busy and I get called instead.

I'd like to know what programs to take along either on a CD or a flash drive that would help me rid them of their uninvited guests.

Most of the family people do have an av program and a firewall but that's about it.

I was thinking of either Malwarebytes or spybot s&d
also perhaps crap cleaner (Ccleaner).

Was wondering if you'd install them to the CD/flash or have the install program on the cd/flash and install them to the persons computer.

I've gotten people out of situations before but I always flail around and wish for this or that program, but the computer is so infected you can't get it.

Some ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.