What to include on a rescue mission?
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Thread: What to include on a rescue mission?

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    What to include on a rescue mission?

    I have been asked by family several times to help them rid their computer of a virus or trojan or something which has taken over their computer. Now I'm not an expert but sometimes the family expert (who is a professional and has a job) is busy and I get called instead.

    I'd like to know what programs to take along either on a CD or a flash drive that would help me rid them of their uninvited guests.

    Most of the family people do have an av program and a firewall but that's about it.

    I was thinking of either Malwarebytes or spybot s&d
    also perhaps crap cleaner (Ccleaner).

    Was wondering if you'd install them to the CD/flash or have the install program on the cd/flash and install them to the persons computer.

    I've gotten people out of situations before but I always flail around and wish for this or that program, but the computer is so infected you can't get it.

    Some ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I have Malwarebytes install .exe on the flash drive, and I do update it whenwhen the version is upgraded..

    Once in a while you may hit a nasty that will not allow it to be installed in normal windows, then I use Safe mode with networking to install and update mbam before running it.

    And just in case, I also have Free Avira on it. That is for those that do not have a antivirus.

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    The things I use are Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware Portable, GMER, TDSS Killer (by Kaspersky), Hijack This and Process Explorer (by Sysinternals). They are not all intuitive (GMER and Hijack This being the worst) but together they work pretty well.

    One thing is that if you use a flash drive to copy these apps to a sick PC, you should assume that it could get infected. To avoid automatically spreading anything back to your healthy PCs, you might want to look at the thread at the top of this board on how to stop autorun infections from flash drives.

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    Utimate Boot CD can be very useful to do repairs to a computer that's unbootable. There's only one a/v scanner, a good one.. antivir, but there are many other tools that can be used to repair damage caused by malware.

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