Missing ID3 metatags on mp3 files
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Thread: Missing ID3 metatags on mp3 files

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    Missing ID3 metatags on mp3 files

    I have my mp3 files on an external drive. When that drive is plugged into my PC at work I can see the ID3 tag data (Artist, Album Title, Genre, etc). However on my home PC (HP Media Center PC m7070n, running XP Media Center Edition 2002 SP2) the metatag data doesn't show up. If I right click on a file in Explore and select Properties and go to the Summary tab, only the Title and Comments fields are editable (but blank) all other fields are grayed out. Clicking Advanced, only the Title, Track Number and Comments fields show up. I can edit them but the other fields like Artist, and Album Title are missing.
    The files are not marked as Read-Only, and I have Administrative privileges on the machine. Does anyone know what's going on?

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    Wikipedia.org - ID3
    Windows Explorer

    Another problem occurs when it comes to Windows Explorer. When ID3v2.4 is used to tag MP3 files, any info on the files cannot be seen by Windows Explorer due to Explorer's lack of UTF-8 encoding support, unlike previous ID3 tag versions which are properly seen.

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