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Thread: 2 tools to stop spread of autorun worms and viruses via USB flash drives

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    Quote Originally Posted by HAN View Post
    At some point in since my post in Oct 2015, Panda released an update to their USB Vaccine. The current version is

    You can download it from Panda from this page, http://www.pandasecurity.com/usa/hom...ds/usbvaccine/ but it requires signing up for registration and you must furnish your name, email, phone number, etc. They then email you a download link. Not an optimal experience!

    My preference for download is from Bleeping Computer at this page. http://www.bleepingcomputer.com/down...a-usb-vaccine/ The download is direct and the file is the same as from Panda.
    The MD5 of the usbvaccine.exe file is 91b10b2ba32d6fd9b70650fac2bd37ed
    The SHA1 is 9d80b667e50565a1ff47365489454ef1245c5726
    I hadn't looked at this thread for a while and wanted to see if the link(s) are good. The download from Panda is no longer valid. However the download from Bleeping Computer is still good and the hashes match. And, according to Bleeping Computer, version still works with Windows 10. So, as I write this in July 2018, if anyone wishes to add some protection to their USB flash drive(s), this utility is still useful.

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    Thanks for checking HAN.
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