Hello all,

I recently got a xfx nVidia GeForce 9800GT GPU (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...042&CatId=3670 [though mine came with Far Cry 2]) to upgrade from my stock nVidia GeForce 7300 LE (http://www.nvidia.com/page/geforce_7300.html).

After reading on TigerDirect about power supply and connections etc, I also bought a PC Power and Cooling PSU (http://www.tigerdirect.com/applicati...&Sku=P227-1003) as it had the correct MB connector (P4) and it also had enough juice to satisfy my computer and then a lot more!

Well, after hooking it up, the computer failed to power on but there was juice going as my "diagnostic lights" were flashing amber (according to the User Manual, it means an issue with the PSU). So I take out all the connections and just leave the MB connectors and the HDD. Still doesn't power on.

So this makes me go to the PC Power and Cooling website FAQ (http://www.pcpower.com/support/faqs.htm) the 2nd FAQ is about Dell computers needing special PSU's and aren't standard ATX compliant or something. Dell won't be much of any help explaining this and I am waiting on the Support Ticket from the manufacturer but in the mean time I am returning the unit.

My question is, what PSU can I use with my computer? PC Power has Dell specific ones but I guess I am just erked that this information wasn't available on the TigerDirect website, or really anywhere else.

This one (http://www.pcpower.com/products/desc...ell/index.html) is about the only one that has enough connectors for my system. Not too worries about extra PCI-E connectors as the MB doesn't have another slot for a SLI connection. I bought a big PSU with tons of connections because I was planning on making my next one. Though if I am limited to a Dell only PSU.... we'll see.


Dell Dimension E520
250Gb HDD SATA (internal)
500Gb HDD SATA (internal)
Video Card (new one requires 6 pin PCI-E)
TV Tuner
Wireless Card
FireWire Card
DVD Burner SATA (stock)
DVD DL Burner SATA (add)
2Gb Ram (2Gb more on order)