Windows XP won't shut down/turn off
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Thread: Windows XP won't shut down/turn off

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    Windows XP won't shut down/turn off

    My computer won't turn off, when i turn off it's like restarted, so i'm pull out the power cable to shut down. Usually i'm turn off savely from windows. Now it can't. How to fix it?

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    A little more info would be helpful.
    What is your computer? How long has this been going on? Have you recently installed new hardware/software/downloaded something from the net?

    What is configuration of your computer? Speed of processor? How much memory? How full is your hard drive (and total capacity)? What size power supply?

    If computer keeps restarting, it could be malware, power supply not putting out enough juice, internal heat issue or gremlins in the computer (just kidding). By posting specs & something to go on, it helps us narrow it down.

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    Sorry, my computer is INTEL DUAL-CORE @2.00Ghz Windows XP, RAM 1GB,HDD 80GB.
    It's been 4-5days ago. Yes, i've been installed software called PCSX2 from, and i use AVIRA to detect and it found two malware. But, my computer still with the problem.

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    i'm pull out the power cable to shut down
    Never do this, or you may cause serious computer problems.
    It's better to leave computer constantly on, until the issue is resolved, than use the above method.

    You may have combination of issues.
    Start with rebooting to Safe Mode, and see, if you can shut down with no problem from there.
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