belkin router trouble...(need default ip)
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Thread: belkin router trouble...(need default ip)

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    belkin router trouble...(need default ip)

    Alright, first let me explain my home network(if it matters). I have a cable modem that connects to a netgear router, which connects to a netgear hub, which connects to the problem, a belkin g plus router.

    The belkin's wireless is not encrypted, which honestly didnt bother me until I noticed some activity on it that was not coming from any pc in my house.(maybe neighbors?) Anyways I decided today to encrypt the wireless signal, but I threw away all the instructions/boxes/cds. Now I can't access the router because I don't even know the default ip. I went looking around for the default ip address on google, but the ones I came across didnt work. So i was hoping someone on these forums knew the defualt ip address as well as the login information (i assume its admin ; password)


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    If you look on any of your wireless devices the routers IP will show up as the Default Gateway.Should you have lost the password for the router you will have to reset it to defaults [theres usually a small recessed button].After which you can access it with the default admin name/password then change settings to your choice.

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    Had to go through 4 pages of Google results to find this - there doesn't appear to be a direct link from Belkin's home page to it and their search is useless as usual.


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    In your browser type in:
    "http://Your IP Address/index.html" Without the quotes & see if that takes you to your router home. BJ

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