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    Script Sentry

    If you aren't using Script Sentry, run, don't walk to Jason's Toolbox, download and install it:

    Scripts are:
    * wonderful things that can automate many computer tasks
    * terrible things that can destroy your computer

    Scripts are a bit less popular as a means of executing malware than they were a few years ago but they are no less dangerous. Fortunately, Script Sentry is a painless and free way to remove the danger.

    Script Sentry uses NO system resources until a script is executed. When its installed, it associates all script file types with itself. Thereafter, any attempt to execute a script executes Script Sentry instead. SS examines the script and warns you if it will perform potentially dangerous activities (like modifying your disk). You have the option of running the script if you trust the source, or killing the script.

    This is one of the first programs I install on a new system. "Don't leave home without it"

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    Been using it for a couple of years. A must have imo.

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