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    Test your firewall

    Here's an excellent site with many different tests that can tell you how good your firewall defences are:

    Firewall Leak Tester

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    windows personal firewall analysis project

    my free firewall expired, so time to upgrade, and in the process of researching what is free and what is new and good, i ran across this site where they have already done all the leak tests along with some other stuff, so thought it might be of benefit to someone else in the same situation - OR, you might want to see where your firewall ranks and maybe change horses... if this is in the wrong place (everything was a "sticky" in this thread...) to post this, feel free to move it to where it might be of the most help to others... i am assuming that it is viable and accurate...? i thought that the "fake protection" was interesting, anyone have any opinions on this "analysis"?


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