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This provides the links to an informative 10-part series that walks a user through a basic understanding of the acronyms, technology and the how's and why's of securing their computer. A Quiz is included with each lesson along with a Final Exam.
  1. Lesson 1 - This will provide a foundation for Internet users to decipher the many acronyms and learn the how's and why's of securing their computers against unauthorized access.

    Lesson 1 Quiz
  2. Lesson 2 - This covers Protocols, TCP/IP, DHCP and NAT.

    Lesson 2 Quiz
  3. Lesson 3 - This covers Ports, TCP (Transmission Control Protocol), UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and Firewalls.

    Lesson 3 Quiz
  4. Lesson 4 - This covers email viruses, hidden file extensions and email spoofing.

    Lesson 4 Quiz
  5. Lesson 5 - This focuses on active scripting, cross-site scripting (xss), instant messaging (IM), Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networking and packet sniffing.

    Lesson 5 Quiz
  6. Lesson 6 - This focuses on virus, worm, trojan horse and other malicious code threats. It talks about what they are, how they work and how to defend against them.

    Lesson 6 Quiz
  7. Lesson 7 - This focuses on network perimeter security including firewalls, IDS and honeypots.

    Lesson 7 Quiz
  8. Lesson 8 - This focuses on proactive steps you can take to begin to protect yourself from the pitfalls described in lessons 1 through 7.

    Lesson 8 Quiz
  9. Lesson 9 - This covers more proactive steps you can take to protect your system like running antivirus and firewall software, disabling hidden file extensions and disabling active scripting.

    Lesson 9 Quiz
  10. Lesson 10 - This lesson wraps up with more proactive security measure you can implement to protect yourself.

    Lesson 10 Quiz
  11. Computer Security 101 Final Exam - You've read and studied all 10 of the Computer Security 101 lessons, taken all 10 of
    the quizzes, now its time for the ultimate test of what you've learned.

So, how did you do on the Final?