What is a Virus?
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    What is a Virus?

    What is a Virus?

    They come in various disguises and are known as a Virus, Trojan or Worm. You do not really need to know exactly what they are other than to say they completely mess up your computer by:
    1. Destroying data on your hard drive.
    2. Reflashing the BIOS, (this is responsible for booting your pc), rendering your computer useless.
    3. Causing your operating system to behave erratically or run slowly.
    4. Displaying annoying messages.
    5. Sending email to everyone in your address book(s).
    6. Stealing passwords and important data such as credit card information.
    7. Allowing hackers to have complete control over your computer.
    Anti-Virus software

    These programs are written to protect your computer from being infected. The manufacturers regularly update their software because new viruses/trojans/worms appear on an all too frequent basis.

    What should I do?:
    1. If you have an Anti-Virus subscription service and you are happy with what it does then keep your subscription up to date and make sure that you regularly check for updates at the manufacturers website. Most subscription services have an automatic update facility that will tell you when updates are available. Make sure you download any updates regularly and scan your computer frequently.

      If you do not have an Anti-Virus program then use one of the free ones such as Grisoft's AVG:


      Remember to check for updates regularly (at least once a week) and scan frequently.
    2. If you believe or suspect that your PC is already infected then go here for a free online virus scanner by TrendMicro:

    3. Stay away from websites where you can download music or copies of Software free of charge without the manufacturers permission (Piracy). Not only is it illegal to do this but you are downloading from another persons hard drive and you are running the risk that their PC is infected with some ‘nasty’ and you are about to spread this infection to your PC.
    Prepared by TJolly, Usil, P3-450 and Supersparks

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    A small link: http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT...99041209131106

    Discusses differences between viruses, trojans, and worms. Although slightly different in the way they are done, they ultimately have one purpose in all....make one's life miserable.

    Good read Jerryctx.

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