I recently edited all the default Trojan rules in Norton Internet Security 2001 to block "Any local service" (Advanced Options; Firewall). Most had just one port so I figure, block all the Trojans on all the ports, what harm can it do.

So almost right after I get 350+ security alerts that "Default Block Black Orifice 2000 Trojan"

I had recently run Shields Up! and that said I had two "open" ports. So when I went and changed the rules to all services I ran the test again and they came back in full stealth. Good.

What is making my computer so "attack worthy" esp all with in 6 hrs. and the 350 was an estimate because I got sick of counting after 200. I had a great deal of scroll still left in the log. Is it because the all services is unnecessary because it can only get through on one port?