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    winmx downloads

    I have downloaded several items but every time I go to download something new I find that winmx also tries to download stuff I already have aswell as the new stuff. How do I stop it doing this?

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    Hi...I use WinMX all the time and I've never experienced what you've described. The only thing close is when I have an incomplete file and I have closed WinMX and then next time I open it, it tries to find those same incomplete files to download so that they will be complete. Could you maybe be a little more specific on what files it is downloading? I know you said it is trying to download files you already have, but are you sure it is not the bottom screen and it is people downloading files from you? Let me know!
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    If it "is" trying to complete the "incomplete" files you've left in your music folder? When a dn/load teminates on you,or you decide your Q'ed too high on a user. When you right click to stop it,don't just choose "clear" or "delete" from the menu. Choose "delete file" and ok the confirmation window that comes up after and it will completely clear the file from your music folder instead of leaving the incomplete file behind.

    If something "else" is trying to dn/load something,how are you determining this?
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