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  1. I tried installing XP Pro over Win 10 and I got a...

    I tried installing XP Pro over Win 10 and I got a blue screen but unfortunately did not write the code down because I thought the system did not like XP for some reason. When I tried to restart, I...
  2. Possible hardware problem

    Unfortunately the beeping was a result of me pressing F12 and not a system code. I expect that you are probably right that it is a hardware problem, possibly the hard drive. Thanks for your input
  3. Win 10 PC Won't Boot From Hard Drive or CD Drive

    Hello, I can't get my Dell Optiplex 755 to boot up from HD or CD drives. I don't get any start up screens either. When I hit F12 to change the boot sequence, I just get beeps, but make no real...
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    Booting From DVD with Win 10 & UEFI

    Hello, I tried to add a DVD to boot sequence but I couldn't find an option for this. I tried Dell's recommendation but they indicate that hardware might not be recognized by the system. I did use the...
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