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  1. Should I be concerned about links that go through

    I receive e-mails from an organization that uses Constant Contact for distributing their e-mails and tracking responses. When I click on any link in these e-mails (typically, to a YouTube video),...
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    Thanks for the information. I don't have the full...

    Thanks for the information. I don't have the full Acrobat program, just the reader and an old version of the Distiller. For OCR with the scanner, I've just used the software that came with the...
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    How do I use OCR without my scanner?

    I have an Epson Perfection 2400 scanner and know how to use it to scan and convert a document to text with OCR. But I have lots of previously-scanned items that I've saved as JPEG or bitmaps and...
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    I found a newer version of my audio driver at...

    I found a newer version of my audio driver at, and updating the driver did the trick. I may never know why it stopped working in the first place, but that's often the case with Windows,...
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    Audio Input Stopped Working

    I have a Dell Inspiron 8200 running Windows XP. Every week (for 10 months), I've been copying a tape recording of my guitar lesson to my computer's hard drive through the audio input jack. I connect...
  6. Thanks one and all for the advice and...

    Thanks one and all for the advice and suggestions. I've returned home and no longer have access to my friend's computer. I never did find out what caused the long delay (it takes about 1 minute and...
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I've taken everyones...

    Thanks for the suggestions. I've taken everyones advice and I've gotten rid of the Login window, which is a plus, but I haven't solved the delay problem. Now, instead of the blue screen following the...
  8. Thanks for the suggestions. There were two...

    Thanks for the suggestions. There were two entries related to sound in autoexec.bat and I commented them out, but it had no effect on the delay time. I did not see anything that looked like legacy...
  9. Long delay starting Win98 after closing login box

    I'm "helping" my friend with his computer, which
    is running Windows 98. I recently deleted a whole
    bunch of files from the computer (several old
    versions of AOL, miscellaneous games and software...
  10. Can I Set Default Volume in Windows Media Player Control?

    I frequently visit a Web page that displays a video cam using the Windows Media Player control. When it loads, Media Player resets my speaker (Wave Out) volume to a very high level. I can lower the...
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    Can I delete these Windows DLLs?

    I'm trying to clear some space on my hard
    drive and ran a utility to detect duplicate
    files on my PC. I've found quite a few DLLs
    that appear twice and wonder if I can delete
    some of them. For...
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