internet cafe hardware and software network requirements
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Thread: internet cafe hardware and software network requirements

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    internet cafe hardware and software network requirements

    i'm about to open a small internet cafe in mexico (4 workstations, perhaps expanding to 8, if we're successful). i'm a network novice so i'm wondering what are the pros and cons of 2 options: 1. operating each station independently with its own computer, phone line, and dial-up internet account. setting up a small LAN, with one server, and possibly 4 other computers and running them through an ISP with wireless broadband. on the surface, each option appears to cost the same to setup and operate on amonthly basis. what kind of hardware and software would i need for your recommended solution? thx. ray

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    I would lean towards the broadband solution because it is faster and more economical in the long run......and to do 4-8 computers I would suggest an 8 port router/switch like this you would of course need 1 network card for each machine and then configure the network according to the router instructions which is real simple...I had my linksys befsr41 router up and running within 15 minutes from opening the box
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    You've probably already picked out the software you'll be using, but I thought I'd post this in case you want to take a look. We almost used this for our public library Internet computers.

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    I would go citrix server with Win2K on a good server and Network stations as the clients. That way you only have to maintain one software platform.

    With Citrix, you can set up Win2K as a "KIOSK" with Internet Explorer as the Operating shell. If all you want is web access this is a great solution.

    Check out (and no I don't work there mods).

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    Majority of cyber cafe use internet sharing solution instead of going for seperate phone line and modem for each PC.

    If you are thinking of a software alternative for internet sharing, try pppshar
    Download it from
    this software is very popular among internet cafe owners.

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