how to convert mp3 file to minus one
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Thread: how to convert mp3 file to minus one

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    how to convert mp3 file to minus one

    we wanted to convert the mp3 file to a minus one or in order words remove the vocals. we wanted to know if it's possible.

    any idea is much appreciated.



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    only way I can think of doing this is changing formats to something that allows you to edit more freely ie a midi file (although I don't know how to convert a mp3 to a midi sorry) I'm not much good with this type of thing

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    I know Soundforge and Cool Edit Pro are capable of doing this.
    I also belive you can download a Vocal Removal Plugin for WinAmp. You'll have to search the internet for it, sorry.
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    Goldwave can do it, but it removes stereo, and you still have faint voice sounds after you finish. It can do mp3 stuff too if you get a ripper .dll like Lame or Blade. Certainly cheaper than SoundForge though !

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    Some of the others have already mentioned some products that have vocal removal capability. They all have the abilty to convert the MP3 to wav format, so no special/explicit decoding is needed (its done behind the scenes). But, as NotBear mentioned, the removal of the vocals while leaving the rest of the sound file in tact can be an iffy proposition. Even with the best products. The success depends on the original sound file. In some cases you can get pretty decent removal of the vocals while preserving the rest of the sound (music). In a lot of cases though you get the kind of things NotBear mentioned: loss of some "musical" data, changes in the music's tonal qualities, some vocal artifacts remain, etc. And you do often, because of the technique used, end up with a mono wav file afterwards.

    Bottomline: there are products that will do vocal removal, but the end result they produce can be far from perfect. All you can do is experiment with the files you have and see what you end up with.

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    ive got the same problem with the others too..on how to convert mp3's into minus one's..

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    The answer hasn't really changed, software as mentioned will have version updates, but vocal cancelling will still be somewhat hit & miss, depending on characteristics of each individual track. If you have a large budget, Melodyne is probably the current champion at being able to manipulate individual sounds within an audio file.

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