MS Excel - can you change TAB order as you go from cell to cell
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Thread: MS Excel - can you change TAB order as you go from cell to cell

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    MS Excel - can you change TAB order as you go from cell to cell

    I know you can configure Excel to either go to the next cell to the right or the next cell down when you hit the tab/enter key but can you tell it what cell specifically to go to next after you hit the enter/tab key. I have made up a form using only the basics in Excel and in areas of the form you have to use the arrow keys in order to get to the next entry cell which may be as much as 5 key strokes in different directions. Would be easier to use something in excel to do this for you. Would a macro do this?

    Just as an example I would want with only one key stroke when I depress the enter/tab key for the active cell to go from C1 to C6


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    Hi Mark.
    Since you say your worksheet is a form, you can achieve your aims by protecting the sheet but leaving your "data entry" cells unlocked.

    Firstly select the cells you want users to be able to type in, go Format/Cells/Protection
    Take the tick out of "Locked".
    Then Tools/Protection/Protect Sheet = OK (Don't enter a password).
    Now your users will only be able to enter data in your selected cells and pressing TAB key will cycle around the cells from top Left to bottom right by rows.

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