Word displays files/folders in reverse alphabetical order
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Thread: Word displays files/folders in reverse alphabetical order

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    Word displays files/folders in reverse alphabetical order

    The Open dialog box of my MS Word 2000 has started to show file in reverse order, i.e., z-a, instead of normal oeder a-z, after the program performed some illegal operation and closed down. Can anyone please tell me as to how get around the problem ?

    And I got the two following replies

    (1) Click on File->Save As->Command and Settings Button (far right side) Sorting (from Steve R Jones)
    (2)As in any Windows Explorer type window, click on the header of the column to reort column.
    Change to "details" view by clicking on 4th icon from right in "Open" dialog.
    Then click on Name or size or type or modified date to resort. (from smuffy).

    I wrote back

    Thanks Mr. Johnes,
    But it did not help. First in Save As dialog box, the files/folders are listed in correct alphabetical order. Second I could not locate Command and Setting button. My program shows Tools button on the far right side and then there is a View button.
    kks bisht

    Thanks Mr. Smuffy,
    But this too did not help, because in Open dialog box, except Name, all other types are showing files/folders in correct alphabetical order.
    kks bisht

    So far I have not received any new reply, can anybody please help?

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    Sorry about that. My original post was for Word97

    In the open box, click on the view button and select Detail. This "should" give you headings of Name-Size-Type. Then click on the NAME bar to rearrange.
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