Dialup connection disconnects after 12-15 minutes?
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Thread: Dialup connection disconnects after 12-15 minutes?

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    Dialup connection disconnects after 12-15 minutes?

    Hi guys,

    I just have a bit of a problem with my dialup connection. If seems that everytime I am connected, the connection would drop within 15 minutes after I am connected. I also noticed that the speed drops very dramatically (from 5k, 4k, 2k, 1k, then 0k) in the first 10 minutes until the internet stops completely (yet the connection is still on).

    I don't think its an ISP's problem, but might be something to do with the settings (or even phoneline?). Any suggestions guys?

    Many thanks.

    PartitionMagic is actually made by Harry Potter
    PartitionMagic is actually made by Harry Potter

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    pkipper--Normally, it would be the ISP that is cutting you off after a certain period of "idle" time. Do not know whether that applies to your situation or not. It is, however, weird that you get declining speed and that it happens every time. (Do you mean this happens when just connected to the ISP, or are you talking about during a specific download?)
    Anyway,I would call the ISP, but before you do, check ControlPanel|Modem|Properties|Connection tab and be sure your settings are not checked to "Disconnect if idle for more than x minutes".

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    Hi Welshjim,

    I have checked with my ISP and they said that they do not have an idle time, but they cut us off when connected for 5 hours.

    They cut me off while browsing or downloading, and I noticed the decrease in speed while downloading. Of course a decrease in speed happens to almost all connections, like you start off fast then slowly slows down. Well, my connection starts off fast and then within less than 2 minutes it would drop from 6k to 0k (dead).

    I will give my provider a call and see what they say. Thanks for your relpy.

    PartitionMagic is actually made by Harry Potter
    PartitionMagic is actually made by Harry Potter

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    if u get it figured out, let me in on it.had the same problem for months, is there a site where u can test your isp's service,ect?

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    I had a problem similar to this, turned out to be a faulty modem. Can you borrow one to try ?.

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