When I reboot my system this is what it says:

Bad or missing C:\WINDOWS\HIMEM.SYS
Error in CONFIG.SYS line!

HIMEM: DOS XMS Driver, Version 3.10 - 09/30/93
Extended Memory Specification (XMS) Version 3.0

Error: Unable to control A20 line.
XMS Driver not instuled

HMA not available: Loading DOS low C:\>C:\DOS\SMATRDRV.EXE /X
SMARTDrive cannot be loaded because the XMS Driver, HIMEM.SYS is not loaded. Cheak the CONFIG.SYS file for a Device=HIMEM.SYS

I deleted my 3.11 windows and DOS, than I reinstuled DOS back to try to fix the problem, now i can't get into dosshell at all. Nothing changed on the reboot. When I try to install an "XMS" thing I downloaded off the net with my newer compyter and it says I need windows. I tryed to install windows but when I try to install it it said I need "XMS". What should I do? Any suggestions would be greatfully appreaciated.
Thank-You Very much