Desktop cut off by 3" at top of monitor
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Thread: Desktop cut off by 3" at top of monitor

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    Desktop cut off by 3" at top of monitor

    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

    When I start my computer (Win 2000, Dell 886 P3 with Dell monitor) everything starts as it normally does i.e. the full screen of my 17" Dell monitor is used.

    The screen that comes up just before my desktop comes up is (let's just call it a dark blue pattern) blue. WHILE my desktop is loading, I have a full screen. When it finishes loading, I lose approximately 2 3/4 inches at the top of my monitor. My desk top short cuts are compressed into the remain space on my monitor.

    When this 2 3/4" is cut off of my desktop display, what shows in the area it comprises is the blue screen and pattern that comes up just befor the desktop loads.

    Once the desktop loads, and is at this -2 3/4" size, anything I bring up is at this diminished size with the blue pattern showing in the cut-off area.

    HOWEVER, I can go to "view" and "full screen" and use all of my monitor -- but it's a major pain in the butt.

    Any suggestions? Anyone? Please Email me

    Thanks in advance!

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    Have you adjusted the monitor settings to see if you can fill up the screen?

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    I had a similar problem after I used the Magnify program that came with 2000. I started it once and it never went away. I ended up re-installing.

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    Check for me what monitor Windows installed under device manager. Right Click on "My Computer" on your desktop and choose Poperties. Next select the "Hardware" tab and then "Device Manager". The monitor you have installed should show under "Monitors". If it's incorrect (check the model number etc...)look on the site of the manufacturer and see if there's some sort of update about this? Also, check the manufacturers site anyway to see if this has been a common problem. There may be many people out there with the same issue.

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