Allowing users to install programs without admin rights
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Thread: Allowing users to install programs without admin rights

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    Allowing users to install programs without admin rights

    I want to be ableto allow users to install programs or program updates without making them administrators of their local machine. I presume this can be done by having them right click the install.exe or setup.exe file and selecting "run as administrator". If this is done, is the will the admin be the local admin or the domain admin? If a computer's security has been modified by applying the compatws template, does the user then get the right to install programs on a win2k pro workstation?
    My other concern is that I prefer to have the programs installed for "all users", and not just the administrator or the main user of a machine. When a user X installs a program "as the local administrator", will short cuts to the program appear under that user's name, under the local admin, or under "All Users"? Can I force the shortcuts to appear under All Users instead of under X or local admin?
    Thanks for your help.

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    If you allow them to use the run as command, they will know the administrators password!!!

    I think power users can install software.

    Do some reading!

    If you ask for help from the forum, PLEASE take the time to let us know the results so we can all learn.


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