[RESOLVED] Mouse will not drag/drop, copy/paste, or open links
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Mouse will not drag/drop, copy/paste, or open links

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    debbie Guest

    Mouse will not drag/drop, copy/paste, or open links

    I had to reinstall Win95osr25 (don't ask!!). I reloaded the USB supplement and I believe I checked all my hardware devices for required drivers (video, sound, keyboard, etc.) Everything seems to be working fine except the mouse. It will not drag/drop, it will not copy/paste, it will not open links or attachments within documents (e-mail, some web sites, etc.) Please, I need some help.

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    It sounds like a Registry problem.
    Try this if you have the System.1st file in your boot drive.
    Backup your registry.
    Start in Safe-Mode Command Promt
    type REGEDIT /C System.1st
    This may take while.


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    debbie Guest
    Thanks thegorx. Since I am a novice at this computer stuff I wasn't quite comfortable with your solution.

    I looked through a few more topics on this site and thought maybe my version of IE was causing the problem.

    When I reinstalled Win95, IE3 was also reinstalled. When I tried to upgrade back to IE5, I received an error stating I already had a newer version installed. Yet whenever I launched IE, the version I was launching was 3.0. If I remember correctly, I uninstalled IE5, re-setup IE4 from my desktop, and then reinstalled IE5. Everything appeared to be working....except for my mouse.

    What I did tonight was uninstall IE5, downloaded and installed IE4.01. Now my mouse is working fine.

    I think I will wait awhile before I try and upgrade to IE5.

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    WhitPhil Guest
    In case you haven't seen this thread, I think it will resolve your problem.,


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