Hello All,

I'm configuring RRAS on win2k server. When i try to start the service,
it won't start and i get this error from event viewer,"The routing and
remote access service terminated with service-specific error 340". Also
from the MMC, this is the error, "Could not start the Routing and Remote
Access service on local computer. The service did not return an error.
This could be an internal Windows error or an internal service error."

What seems to be the problem?

Before i was able to configure and start RRAS but after awhile, im not
able to start the RRAS server from MMC.

When i try to use RRAS wizard, after going thru the wizard and finally
"finishing" the wizard,I get this error, "Routing and Remote Access
cannot verify that the default Remote Access policy matches the settings
for the server. The following error occurred: Class not registered