Help! My Mouse is Purring like a Cat.
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Thread: Help! My Mouse is Purring like a Cat.

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    Help! My Mouse is Purring like a Cat.

    This is really strange problem, and may not be related to the operating system but it is still interestingly weird.

    My mouse purrs. When ever I use the mouse to move the scroll bars, I hear this purring sound; kind of like soft muffles clicks. The problem is, it also sound like a muffled stomach gurgling; like when your hungry and your stomach makes a noise. Therein lies the problem, everytime my stomach hears this noise it tightens up. Really creepy. This is the only mouse operation that makes a noise.

    I check [Control Panel] [Sound] and there is no sound assigned to the scroll bars; I have almost all the sounds turned off. It happens in every application. I tried rerouting my mouse cord in case I was getting some crosstalk. No change.

    I know this isn't a big problem, I just keep the speakers off unless I really need sound. But when the speakers are on, it really turns my stomach. Other than this and the normal routine Windows crashes; the computer works fine. By the way, the mouse I use is a 'scroll' mouse. It has a thumb buttom that allows me to scroll in 8 directions. It's made by 'unknown' and sold by CompUSA.

    Any thoughts?

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    This is a really strange problem.

    I am not familiar with it.

    Do ihe purring and gurgling happen during different scrolling operaions?

    It's possable that your mouse has some
    .wav files associated with it.

    Look for a program on your start programs
    menu that goes with your mouse and check
    it's settings or options.

    It might be a little tedious but you also perform a search for *.wav and then play each wav file until you find it.

    If you do find it you can rename any wav file
    with it's name and replace it.
    You can also create a wav file with no sound
    and replace it with that.

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    I had a very similar problem about a year ago..except in my case the sound only came form the speaker in my PC box...I have a MS intellimouse so I went to the website and downloaded what in this case was coincidentally updated software and a driver for the mouse, installed it and the problem was fixed. I'm sure even if it wasn't an update and I had just reinstalled the original software it would have accomplished the same thing. Perhaps if you can reinstall the mouse software either if it still exists on your PC or from the company's website it will solve the problem.
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    Did you have Themes installed, could be a left over sound from one of the Themes packages.


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    I try to keep my machine lean and clean; no themes and almost all sounds turned off. The only sounds I have turned on are related to mail notification, ICQ, CU-See-Me, and Netmeeting; none of which am I using.

    The mouse is a CompUSA 8-way Scroll mouse and the mouse software is AP Ware Plus 2.14. By peeking into the exacutable files, these are references I've found, Sysgration, Giler, & Wei-Bin Lee. I'm still doing a search on these names, maybe I'll find a new driver.

    The sound is not very loud but it really tightens my stomach, probably some kind of reflex. For now I'll only turn the sound on when I actually need it.

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    Do you have a CYRIX CPU in your computer, as this is a common problem with these processors especially CYRIX 333

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