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    I don't use Mozbackup. I backup the entire folder and my Thunderbird and Waterfox profiles every night with a little utility.

    In a new system, I copy the entire profile folder's CONTENTS, not the whole folder, in Win Explorer. The first time you run FF in 10, it creates a new profile called
    That name is then entered into Profiles.ini. For instance, when I set up my Win 7 machine, it named the profile "31g04a7w." I added "New-with-7" and the profile became

    You don't want to change that name because it's already registered in Profiles.ini., so just drop all the old folder's contents into that folder. You now have password, bookmarks, history, installed extensions, preferences, css tweaks and the kitchen sink. It's a perfect copy.
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    I've decided to just keep the present drive intact as is and not install Windows 10 on it. I've been needing a bigger SSD for sometime and today I bought a WD 500GB drive with an adapter to hold two SSD drives, I'll be installing Windows 10 on the new drive.
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