Dell Desktop 4 years young
Win 10 Home
integrated sound
integrated video
HP Monitor
HP Envy 7700 Series Advanced Photo Printer


I installed the above HP printer today with a USB cable wireless.

The printer works just fine with word documents and the copier is also functioning normally, but I can't print from the web. When I attempt to do that, only XPS Document Writer and OneNote show in the dialog box as available printer options, no HP 7751. I have already designated the HP Envy printer as the default printer, and a black check mark confirming that does appear on the printer's icon in Control Panel. But that same printer will not show in the dialog box as an available printer when I attempt to print anything from the web: email, picture, plain text, nothing. That's the opposite scenario from printing a word document, which always lists the HP Envy printer for selection in addition to the other two mentioned above.

Is there any setting in printer properties, printer preferences or any other area that can be toggled to enable printing from the web?