VCOM Power Desk 9 - Not Showing Smart Phone
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Thread: VCOM Power Desk 9 - Not Showing Smart Phone

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    VCOM Power Desk 9 - Not Showing Smart Phone

    I'm relatively new to Smart Phone, and I tried to connect my Phone to my Computer so I could transfer some files. POWER DESK 9, which I like in all other respects, does not see my Samsung Phone when plugged into my computer via USB.

    Windows File Explorer does. So I got the job done, but I like all other aspects of POWER DESK 9 but this one.

    For those familiar with this product, am I missing something, is there some setting I need to change? I tried software support, but there is no forum or email, just a Knowledge Base which is pretty much worthless for anything specific.

    Is anyone familiar with Power Desk, and is this just something I'm going to have to live with, or is there a work around?


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    I don't use Powerdesk, but a quick google of "powerdesk smartphone" came up with a few hits. Unfortunately, it looks like the Powerdesk support forum is gone now?

    This one basically says "use Windows Explorer":
    Updates for Powerdesk 9 : Avanquest UK
    [Search domain]
    best practise in this particular case would be to explore the content of the smartphone with Windows file explorer, by clicking on the media device listed in PowerDesk file explorer and select option Open. This action will call Windows file explorer, so can manage the files in the device. All the best, Avanquest Support

    Updates for Powerdesk 9 : Avanquest UK
    [Search domain]
    I really like Powerdesk 9 but since WIn 10, Powerdesk needs an update. Specifically, it doesn't recognize my smartphone or tablet when I plug it in and I have to use Win explorer. It's really annoying because Win explorer isn't as easy to use and I find it clumsy. I do hope you'll eventually work on Powerdesk 10 and addresses these issues

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