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    Outlook and Gmail

    I have a customer who has been using Outlook 365 with 2 Gmail accounts and 2 other IMAP accounts. It has been working fine until now. For some reason one gmail account has stopped working. I added access for less secure apps in gmail but no luck. I removed his account hoping to add it back but that did not work. It always ends saying that it cannot create my outlook data file. I even tried creating a new Outlook profile and adding the account there but I get the same error.
    I did notice that Outlook has his .ost file several times under data files even though the account has been removed. It will not let me remove the multiple ost files. It says to remove the account which I already did. I deleted the ost files from the folder they are stored in. I even tried renaming the Outlook folder and creating new ones. Every time I try to create the account it creates a new Outlook data file in the designated folder but it will not finish the creation of the account. But I can not remove the reference to the ost files in Outlook itself.
    The only other thing I can thing of is to create a brand new User account on his computer and move everything to that account but I was trying to avoid this as it would be a big undertaking. I thought I would check here first.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    I assume that you are using the Outlook desktop application, not Outlook Web App in a web browser.

    Post the complete actual error message that you are getting (screen capture or exact text). That may give us a clue about where to look.

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    It is unusual that you are using OST files.... Is the machine in question part of an Exchange Server?
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