what does 25% / 36% CPU mean?
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Thread: what does 25% / 36% CPU mean?

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    what does 25% / 36% CPU mean?

    Hi all, I downloaded a program Wise Care to run and clean out the junk files. Like the diskclean program. Anyway, down in the corner of my desktop (Win10) there's a bubble that has the CPU reading. Today it is reading between 25% to 35% and when I click it states, "clean out the memory 223MB." (I guess I should contact the company about this) but does anybody know what that means? screenshot.GIF See attachment. I also get a warning from the Webroot about my CPU underperforming.
    Does anybody know how this problem can be treated and solved. I would hate to take the machine to a computer shop.webroot.JPGwebroot.JPG

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    I would not pay any attention to that. Many of those cleaner type programs tell you a lot of things that are largely irrelevant and/or exaggerated to try and make you think they're finding problems just to get you to pay for a premium version.

    If you actually have no complaints about your computer then don't let a sneaky little app convince you otherwise. And as far as "memory leaks" go most browsers have them. Lots of other programs too. Don't worry about it, it's just business as usual.

    Open task manager CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and see what apps are using the CPU. Odds are that monitoring program is responsible for a chunk of it.

    If it were my computer I'd uninstall it and use CCleaner. It has a paid version as well but it doesn't try and exaggerate issues to get you to buy it.


    And while we're on the subject don't use any registry cleaners.. they generally cause more problems than they pretend to solve.
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