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    Good to hear. You may want to make images more often than every two months going forward so you'll have less data loss next time you need to re-image. I usually make 2/month and keep the last ten incrementals in storage.
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    You're right; I should take an image more frequently. I usually do so before / after installing software, but as I have not installed anything for some time, no real need for another image.

    Never too sure about incremental files; I always just do a full image of the os (C Have this old fashioned idea that when restoring, it is better if it comes form one file rather than bits scattered around the hdd.

    As for losing data, not a problem. No data files that I create are written to C:, they all go to D: E-mail default location is pointing to a folder on D:, and I back-up my address book to a folder on D: Also a couple of important D&S files. Running in the background is a small program that I virtually never hear about, File Hamster. It backs up everything on D: as I go, to another hdd. So I have never actually lost any data; I only have to restore the OS and that takes as long as it takes.

    The biggest drag with restoring an image is that I profile my monitor so a restore makes the current profile out of date. No big deal, just redo it while eating dinner!

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