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    Send e-maill addresses

    What ho one and all,

    I run a Neighbourhood Watch e-mail group and have all the road residents on the database.

    A.N. Other would like to have a list of the e-mail addresses, which I am happy to provide, but I don't want them to have all the additional information that I have collected. But I am unsure how to give them that list.

    If I send the *.wab file, they will have everything. If I send an e-mail to her, with all the addresses in CC, she will receive everything, but so will all on CC. If I send BCC (which is what I usually do) then she will not see the addresses, and everyone will also receive an e-mail.

    What is the secret of just sending the e-mails addresses and nothing else?

    Thanks and toodle pip


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    It almost sounds like your using Outlook Express? Is that correct? If not - which email app are you using?

    How many addresses are we talking about?

    Have you looked inside the contact file to see if you can extract/copy the addresses?
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    Take screen shot(s) of your address book. Or a screen shot of all the email addresses in the CC field without sending the email. Or a copy/paste of all the email addresses in the CC field without sending that email.
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    You should be able to export your contacts to a .csv file.

    I would make a backup of all your contacts to .csv while you're at it.

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