Cannot Find Drivers For "Other Devices"
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Thread: Cannot Find Drivers For "Other Devices"

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    Cannot Find Drivers For "Other Devices"

    Dell Optiplex 780
    service pack 3
    4 GB memory
    Dual core processor 64 bit ready

    After 4 years the computer crashed. I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled XP. I went to Dells site and tried downloading drivers for the computer and to Intel's site. All was installed except for
    "Other Devices". These are
    "audio device on high definition audio bus"
    "PCI Serial Port"
    "Video Controller"
    "Video Controller (VGA Compatible)"

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    When you "Tried" at Dell's site were you successful?

    Did you install the mobo and all other related drivers from Dell's website?

    In theory you'd want to do the mobo drivers first.
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