Is it any alternatives to Photoshop software?
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Thread: Is it any alternatives to Photoshop software?

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    Is it any alternatives to Photoshop software?

    Is it any alternatives to Photoshop software? because the people must pay the fee for any adobe software every month now?

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    You could be forgiven for thinking there are no real Photoshop alternatives around. Photoshop is such a powerful brand that, like Google, it has actually become a verb: 'to Photoshop' is shorthand for editing an image. This might make you believe that no other software could possibly do as good a job, and stop you from looking any further for your image editing needs.

    In fact, Adobe doesn't necessarily have the market cornered and the backlash against Adobe's move to the Creative Cloud in 2013 actually helped to spur on a wide range of alternatives to Photoshop. These options can be just as powerful, and produce results that are just as professional.

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    Freephototool website has the interface like Photoshop, it's good for basic operations. But as it was said above if you need advanced functions, there are no good alternatives.

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