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    net bckup

    I've been asked to create a disc image on a two computer system network. The host computer has a business software package that is shared with the second computer, the client. Can I safely image the host computer while the client computer is still up, but not in use? Or do I have to shutdown the client, first? When I image the host computer, will that fact also capture the item on C:\ as identified as: Network location (1) Proto Med (\\computer1-PC) (P)? The items in My Computer are Win C: 1.76 TB free of 118 TB, DVD RW Drive, and Network location (1) Proto Med (\\Computer 1-PC (P. Much thanks, Jim S.
    Jim S.

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    If the client computer has software running (including a service) that is accessing the host, you would need to shut it down. QuickBooks would be a good example of this. I don't know how the Proto Med software works, but to be safe, I would shut down both computers at the same time and make images of both C: drives at the same time to minimize down time.

    I don't think you really have a 118 TB drive though.

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    Like jdc2000 said, you'd want to have the client shut down before backing up the host. You don't want to have open connections when you create the image.

    I'm guessing you mean GB, not TB? If that's the case, you should really do things like clearing out temp files before creating the image. 1.76GB free of 118 is really really low.

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