windows 10 unbootable need to find ISO fix
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Thread: windows 10 unbootable need to find ISO fix

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    windows 10 unbootable need to find ISO fix

    So my windows 10 < C: Drive > is all in tact except it won't boot up .. I do have on the partitioned drive < D: windows XP>.. so D: boots up and C: does not boot up ..

    so I am currently looking to find an ISO download to fix my windows 10 which I upgraded from window 8 retail disc back in 2015 .. and have been using windows 10 ever since and unfortunately do not have the USB ISO created back then ..

    so I see lts of google site to do this ,, but they appear to be complicated and hard to find to download the free from microsoft ..

    any one know a direct link to do thsi and maybe offer some advice on why or how to fix my un boot-able windows 10 ??


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    Just use the Win10 installation media tool to get the .iso from Microsoft:

    You can either create a USB drive or just download the .iso file.

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