Video card driver stops working at times, and says it has recovered from problem. This started about a month ago, so I downloaded a newer driver from Nvidia and all was okay until this morning, when it happened again while I was playing an online game, not graphic intense either. Just a game. Card doesn't seem to be getting hot and it's a MSI 710 GT with 2GB memory and with fan.
I know that probably isn't the problem and it's probably the driver. And I probably should check event viewer but for some reason I can never tell anything from event viewer, it doesn't show anything bad going on.

When the driver stops working, the screen goes black for about a second, then it comes back up, and a message pops up and says, your video card driver quit working but has recovered.

Should I try an older driver or even the one that came with the card. I didn't do that to start with, I just downloaded a new one from Nvidia. Driver I have now is 418.xx, the previous driver started with