replacement drive for Lenovo TP T530
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Thread: replacement drive for Lenovo TP T530

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    replacement drive for Lenovo TP T530

    Would like to replace a failing internal hard drive for Lenovo Think Pad T530. Upgrade from one terabyte to a two terabyte. Disk checks show current drive is beginning to fail, and pushing appropriate message. Even though those messages might be incorrect, would prefer to replace the onboard drive for added insurance. Drive is near full use of one terabyte, any way. Checked for Lenovo replacement drive and the price is over $900. Are the other manufacturer drives that would fit the bill but cost a lot less? Much thanks, Jim S.
    Jim S.

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    $900 is way too much $$$$ for a drive.

    Specs indicate that a 7mm or 9.5mm height drive will fit:

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