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    Video Driver drops out

    About a month ago I began getting a black screen for a few moments, then the image would return with a message at bottom right saying "Your video driver has momentarily malfuctioned". I was using a Realtek 5450 graphics card. So I bought an nVidia GeForce G710. I'm not a gamer, don't need much but a reliable image. I process photographs. Anyway, the new card also goes out, though only a couple times a week. Still...what can be happening here?

    Win 7 Home Pro 64
    24 Gigs SDRAM


    Art Rosch

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    Realtek 5450? Do you mean a Radeon? If so, did you uninstall the ATI Catalyst drivers BEFORE you installed the Nvidia card?

    Did you try a different monitor?

    Did you look at Event Viewer for errors?

    What is the make/model of your computer and/or motherboard?

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