how to transfer 'for free' 7 - 1 minute videos from iphone to my cousin's house..
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Thread: how to transfer 'for free' 7 - 1 minute videos from iphone to my cousin's house..

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    how to transfer 'for free' 7 - 1 minute videos from iphone to my cousin's house..

    So I have seven 1 minute videos ( .mov quicktime) on my iphone 7 from a party this past week and want to send them to my cousin so she can pick and choose what to place on her own facebook site .

    I know I could ( transfer them thru you tube or facebook my self .. private is out as they are well over 12 MB in size and my private email only supports up to 5 mb ..

    don't want to use youtube as a private link .. and/ or drop box which I have is a paid subscription and not sure about the supported links etc.

    Is there another way that is free?

    thanks for any replies

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    Is each one over 12MB? Actually you could put them on Youtube and send her the URLs. After she downloads them, delete them. 10,000 videos are uploaded per day. Even if you left them, no one else would find them. Name them "1" "2" "3" etc and they'll never show up in a search.
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    Can you drive over and connect your phone to her computer?
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    I use Dropbox free version for that often. Once they're uploaded right click them and choose to create a link. Then you can send the link(s) to anyone you want and only they will have it. Once they download the videos you can delete them if you want. It's as safe as any other method and definitely won't be searchable by anyone online.
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