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    Retired business mgr living in NJ near Pine Barrens.

    Have 2 W7 32 bit assy for me MSI laptop, Asus PC, both with SSD drives running MS Office & many other programs. Use WinScribe VPN W/Comcast as my ISP. Been on the net for about 30 yr. First PC was Commodore
    Does anyone remember this? Vic 20, 4k ram, cassette backup, old Sony 8" port TV.

    Interests in Long Dist Bicycle Riding (centuries, metric centuries, etc) Music & High End Audio, Photography, Astronomy, Business, Info Mgmt/Tech, Big Govt & Big Busn, Big Healthcare/Pharma, Politics, Reading, Military, Busn Problem Solving.

    Found this Forum during a web search. Was highly recommended.

    Merry Christmas,
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