Syncing Gmail account on a Mac
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Thread: Syncing Gmail account on a Mac

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    Syncing Gmail account on a Mac

    I have an iMac desktop running with os 10.6.8 and a new Macbook Air with os 10.14.2. I am unable to sync my mail settings between the new Mac and the old one. My Gmail settings say POP is enabled for all mail that has arrived since 8/19/08. Also IMAP is enabled. My account in the Macbook Air shows all the emails I have received since 8/19/08 as unread What happens if I Disable POP?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    You need to be using IMAP, not POP. POP removes/downloads the email from the email server, unless you use a setting to "leave messages on server". IMAP is much better for syncing messages.

    The settings would be in the mail client that you're using. I'm not a Mac person, so I can't help you with that part.

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    Did anyone ever report any loss of emails when doing this btw? How safe is it?

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