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    Laptop Power Issue


    My laptop is about 3 years old. Never really had any hardware issues at all despite honestly not treating the laptop well at all. I replaced the battery less than a year ago after it started to fail to keep a full charge.

    In the last month or 2 I've been having more serious power issues. My charger started to not function unless it was in a particular position until it eventually stopped working at all. I replaced it and everything was back to normal.

    In the last couple of weeks my laptop started shutting down randomly when not plugged in and would try to restart only to fail again. When I plugged in the charger this problem stopped and the laptop restarted normally.

    A few days ago whilst plugged in my laptop died completely and now shows no signs of life whether plugged in, with/without the battery. No power lights nothing.

    I like the laptop and would prefer to continue using it rather than get a new one if the repair price was not sky high.

    Basically does anyone have an idea of what might have happened so that I can weigh up my options?

    My specs btw:

    Gamer W650SH 15.6" with Nvidia 2GB GT 740M - Gamer W650SH with 15.6 INCH Led Screen
    Processor CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core 3550MM 2.30Ghz
    Memory: 8GB SODIMM DDR3 1600Mhz
    Hard Disk 1: 500GB 2.5" Serial ATA
    Optical Drive 1: 8X Sata DVD Rewriter
    Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 2GB GT 740M
    Sound Card: Intel HD Audio + SOUND BLASTER™ Cinema
    Bluetooth/Wifi: Gigabit / Wifi 150Mbps / Bluetooth 3.0
    Battery: 6 Cell Lithium-Ion 4400mAh Battery
    Operating System: Windows 10

    Thanks in advance

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    The jack where the power cord plugs into is one of the things most likely to break on a laptop.

    Sometimes they are cheap to repair - other times you have to replace the motherboard.
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    I could not find any details on the type of power socket that laptop has. You may have to take it apart and look at it. You might be able to fix or replace it if you can find a part number.

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