Laptop keeps freezing
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Thread: Laptop keeps freezing

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    Laptop keeps freezing

    I have an HP laptop about 3 years old. It freezes at various intervals - sometimes when booting up, sometimes in the middle of doing something. The screen either goes black or it just freezes - NO ERROR MESSAGE.

    Ctrl, Alt Del does nothing - it responds only to a fresh reboot.

    I have done:
    Cleaned with CC cleaner
    Done a check with malware bytes
    Disabled everything in boot except my anti virus checker
    Cleaned temp files, cookies etc on chrome
    Done an extensive HARDWARE check using the authrorised HP software
    Checked the temp of the CPU using software - it seems to be ok. 35c
    Done a virus scan check using avast
    Disabled Defender virus checker.

    As I get no error message I cannot be more specific. It started a week or so ago. My laptop has been flickering for a while (seems to have stopped now) so I checked all my drivers that I could think of for updates especially the display drivers. I'm out of ideas.

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    It would help if you post the exact model number.

    Check Event Viewer to see if there are error messages there.

    Done an extensive HARDWARE check using the authrorised HP software
    You should also run third-party hardware diags for the RAM and HD. See the UBCD5 link in my signature.

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