Making a new partition in Macrium
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Thread: Making a new partition in Macrium

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    Making a new partition in Macrium

    TITLE SHOULD READ EASEUS, not Macrium. Can a mod please change it?

    I belong to about 30 forums for software and I don't want to join another to get this answer about Easeus Partition Master, so here goes:

    Bought a key a while back and I just did a new clean install of Win7 Ult on another machine. (I'm keeping 7 for the long haul.) I always partition it into 2 parts, C for sys+prog, D for data.

    The help file for Easeus Partition Master says: "if you have unallocated space, use that to make a new part."
    They don't say what to do if you want to make unallocated space, or at least I couldn't find it.

    D must be after C, but the C drive refuses to resize. I've tried changing the size, but it goes back to where it was, and also sliding the arrow, but it won't slide. Since I use Easeus only once on each machine, I don't remember what I did last time.

    easeus screenshot.jpg
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    I had to make a new identity here. The login mess still isn't fixed. I didn't log out last time, but kept Firefox going, switched tabs and the site logged me out.

    I've already read Steve R. Jones' comment of 11/21. Have you any news? it's very frustrating and I fear this site might die. I've been here almost 20 years, and I know all the regulars.

    It was a clean install into what had been another person's Vista machine with excellent hardware. I've since made my partitions, loaded the OS and most of my programs. I've been using .

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