[RESOLVED] Computer is having random and multiple issues
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Computer is having random and multiple issues

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Computer is having random and multiple issues

    I initially posted on the hardware laptop forum, but his instructions on getting an icon back didn't work and he made the referral to do a malware scan for other issues. I've done a malware scan on malwarebytes as well as a full scan on avast and though they didn't find anything, my computer is getting worse. About a couple days ago my battery icon disappeared and my network icon turned into a computer type shape with what looks like a cord next to it and a big red X on it. When I restarted the computer to see if that made a difference it said that it was installing a device driver, which was said to have installed successfully, but I had no devices hooked up. I'm also having a lot of trouble with my computer shutting down and restarting extremely slow. Today when I rebooted the computer after the welcome screen came up it went completely black and I had to do a hard shut down. It came on the restarted it again, but I'm still really concerned.
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