unusual hashing on an iphone screenshot
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Thread: unusual hashing on an iphone screenshot

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    unusual hashing on an iphone screenshot

    Wonder if somebody can offer me some advice regarding the information I have extracted from an image that is nothing over than a screenshot of an iPhone conversation over text then uploaded straight to an e mail from the iPhone and sent to me. this sounds unusual however I have reason to believe this said person is actually stalking me so the conversation along with timings from this persons sat nav on their iPhone was sent to prove they aren't the person who is stalking me as they couldn't possibly be in two places at the same time however the images of the screen shots of the conversation and the screenshot of the sat nav location all have come back unusual, the one real image a jpeg doesn't seem to have any errors over and error level analysis or noise and level sweep but every other image has come back with unusual information.

    can somebody please tell me how I have managed to extract all these hashes in nothing more than an iPhone 8 screenshot uploaded straight to e mail then sent to me??

    SHA1 18fe5547943761b45ace424ab9a2c92197256c9b
    SHA224 5aefb57ecec029d0e37b4d410add44e7124095ea8d73cfaf2d2f6484
    SHA384 34cf1cd70a83ec00b1c364e64ced799ebd5eb97ff51b0b89e115f2b0db4c4770f08398e8aa94f218b113bb447e18c650
    CRC32 DF117450
    SHA256 dfc90409896273710766a5116745b170715acbc115ab026ae4b0900ab9ea7d02
    SHA512 e66bfd9df04c4212eaf12b002034715403452722c8bb61a96c9da7aa86c3ade9b81a4d673a321173e0c6c9267c2f6cc0a01c15d5a6de586aeaf7bf4528036340
    MD5 7ec6cc91d3249afd3e8b8725250579fe

    these are the hashes and the codes that go with it my knowledge does not go as fat as to be able to explain this.

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