[RESOLVED] Ipad Attack
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Thread: [RESOLVED] Ipad Attack

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    Resolved [RESOLVED] Ipad Attack

    https://adssettings.google.com/whythisad?reasons= Then a page full of random script of letters and numbers.
    This has twice came up on the screen of my wife's Ipad with it asking for to be opened.
    Does anyone know what this is, she panicked and just shut the ipad down. We also had someone try to connect to our smart tv through Bluetooth from a virgin media account from a Lenovo2 tablet ,we think it might be a weird neighbour
    trying to hack into our network. We changed our Sky broadband password a few days ago when the attempt was made on our smart tv, but with this script sent to the Ipad today it's a bit more worrying.
    Also forgot to mention the icon's on my Laptop's Desktop are all blank on startup and take a while to show.
    Can someone advise us on this Thanks.
    Samsung NPRF511 Notebook, Windows10 Home Premium 64bit,SP1, IntelCoreI5-2450m CPU@ 2.50,Ghz or 3Ghz with Turbo Boost technology 8.0gb,ddr3 Ram, Intel HD 3000 Graphics.

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